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  • Do I have to travel to take your courses?

    Sometimes... We understand with in-person learning, there are more expenses than the cost of registration. So if the content is something we can confidently teach via video, chats and presentations, we will. However if you really need to immerse yourself in the environment to fully comprehend, we will offer the course in-person.

  • Should I take more than one course at a time?

    We don't recommend it, since all our courses are fast-paced, content heavy and intensive, requiring 10+ hours of dedicated time. Plus, our courses are designed to build off each other, so taking more than one at once could limit what you gain from each.

  • Can I register for a course if I am working full time?

    Of course. Much of our online course content is pre-recorded, so you can work and study on your own time. It's important to note, however, that we will dedicate at least an hour each day to have group discussions with the instructors. So you may need to take a long lunch that day. Also, most online course content is released incrementally, so you can return to previous lessons but cannot skip ahead.

  • It says that registration is closed. What does that mean?

    If you see that registration is closed for a particular course, it either means that we're between enrollment periods or that specific course has sold out. During enrollment, we suggest contacting our support team for recommended alternatives to sold-out courses; if the enrollment period has ended, you'll have to wait until the next session. We offer two sessions per year for our online courses.