What is a one hour call with Jeff exactly?

A one hour call with Jeff is a focus session to discuss a specific area of your business you need help with. Think of this as a way to have Jeff as your own personal coach on call whenever you need one.

  • A plan of action

    After an hour with Jeff you will have not just good advice, but a plan of action you can start on immediately after the call.

  • Focus

    One hour uninterrupted with Jeff to discuss a topic you need help with in your photography business.

  • Trust

    Jeff take's business planning very seriously. Any information discussed with Jeff during the one hour will be kept private.

What do you get in a one hour call with Jeff exactly?

In a word, "Experience".

  • H&H Total Schools Consultant

    Jeff has worked closely with the H&H team, sharing his unique perspective and history in school and senior portraits to advise and help shape the decisions of H&H Color Lab for over a decade.

  • Trusted Instructor

    Jeff has made presentations at numerous conventions including: The Professional School Photographers Association, Wedding & Portrait Photographers International, School Photographers Association of California, Various educational and training events

  • Over 35 years experience

    He has worked for a national school portrait company as the director of sales as well as consulted for other companies that were in the school photography markets on a national level. In addition to two volume senior portrait studios his business operated it’s own color lab.

Ready for the one call that will change your business?