There is no substitute for an efficient workflow.

hhschools is the most powerful volume school, sports and events software platform.

  • Connected

    Networkable volume school and sports workflow software for both PC and Mac.

  • Flexible

    7+ methods of matching images to subject data. Plus integrated order tracking and customer database

  • Fast

    The fastest culling, cropping and filtering tools in the industry.

Course Overview

hhschools is trusted by thousands of studios across the country

With the hhschools Platform Course, you’ll develop the skills to use core hhschools features to their full potential, boosting the impact of your workflow efforts, driving results and saving you time. hhschools is the latest volume school, sports and events software platform. Designed for maximum workflow automation and efficiency with Data Match, powerful automation, and total project management capability, hhschools allows you to be 100% competitive in the school picture business. hhschools is H&H’s proprietary software and is FREE to all H&H customers!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • How to use this course

    • Introduction

    • Test your learning

  • 2

    The Fundamentals of using hhschools

    • An Overview of hhschools Dashboard

  • 3

    How to Setup your Packages

    • Create a Package Group

    • Understanding the Product Catalog

    • Create a package

    • Adding Products to a Package

    • Print & Template Options

    • Use variable data to personalize text lines

    • Adding Overlays to Prints

  • 4

    Setup Projects

    • How to create a project

    • Understanding color correction

    • Edit Project Overview

  • 5

    Image and Data Match Methods

    • How to photograph with QR code matching

    • How to sync your camera and scanner for time sync match

    • Use a shoot list

    • Time-sync match image and data import

  • 6

    Adding orders

    • Import online prepay orders

  • 7

    Working with images and data

    • Managing images and data in a project

    • Culling images for best pose

    • Copying data from field to field

    • hhschools Validate Project Data

    • Using color tags to identify images and groups of images

    • Import email and phone for download notifications

  • 8

    Working with Groups

    • Creating Groups

    • Assigning Images to Groups

    • Customize Product Graphics for each Group

  • 9

    Package Orders

    • Create a package order

    • Customizing the label on the package envelope

  • 10

    School Admin Products and Services

    • Service item crop

    • Ordering school admin products

    • Using Studio Background ID Card Design Guides

    • Organizing images for automated class composites

    • Ordering automated class composites

  • 11

    Sports Workflow

    • Traditional Sports Workflow

    • Knockout Sports Project Setup

    • Preparing a project for Knockout Sports

    • Ordering Knockout Sports

  • 12

    Advanced Features

    • Direct upload images to your online gallery

    • Ordering hhstudio products in hhschools

    • Ordering custom id cards

    • Green screen knockout

    • Ordering admin products from green screen images

    • Custom Export Builder

    • Subject Images and Data Report

    • How to photograph a district with multiple schools at the same time

    • Address Book

    • Importing custom id card designs

    • How to photograph from one camera and import to multiple projects

  • 13

    Next steps

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

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There is no substitute for an efficient workflow.