Ready to see what a real picture day is like?

An intense, hands-on day learning from the top school photography experts how to run a smooth and successful school picture day.

  • Running a smooth and successful school picture day

  • Get real experience with a live school photo shoot

  • Hands-on training working up the orders

  • Learn from those that do

School Picture Day Should Not Be a Mystery

Think you have what it takes to Run a smooth and successful school picture day? Join us at Schools Bootcamp on June 13, in Kansas City for an intense, hands-on course, where you’ll learn from the top school photography experts. We’ll kick off with a recap on the basics for how to plan and prepare for picture day. Learn how to set up your equipment, engage in a live photo shoot using QR code, and work as teams to develop projects and submit orders. You’ll even get a chance to meet one-on-one with our team members to make sure you are ready to go!
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  • 1

    Before the class begins....

    • Details About School Day --Monday June 13, 2022

    • Pre-Event Survey

  • 2

    Setup Picture Day

    • Equipment Setup

    • Check-In Table

  • 3

    Live School Picture Day

    • Live Picture Day

  • 4

    Picture Day Teardown

    • Packup Picture Day

  • 5

    Planning for a Successful Picture Day

    • Review of Planning for a successful picture day

  • 6

    Submit Orders

    • Data Match Demo

    • Process Your Order

  • 7


    • Order Delivery

    • School Administrative Service Items

  • 8

    Next Steps

    • Schools Preseason Checklist

    • Schools Day Attendee Feedback Survey

  • 9

    Evening Fun!

    • Arcade Alley

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