4 week plan to success just for you

Our experience is that businesses who are setup and prepared for the season two weeks before their first picture day have less problems and a more successful season. So, we put together a 4 week plan that will help you prepare for your successful picture day season; AND will partner you with an onboarding coach to guide you through your first few weeks.

What is covered in pre-season onboarding?

This onboarding covers all aspects of your schools and sports business such as

  • Product offering and customization

  • Flyer design and printing

  • Multiple image extractions workflow options

  • High speed software training

  • Setup online sales with automated marketing funnel

The deadline to sign up for the next cohort is

  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes
  • 00Seconds

What do I need to do each week?

You will have work you must complete each of the 4 weeks

  • Attend Weekly Call

    Each week you will need to attend one of the weekly informational group video calls. There are a few time slots to choose from. This is where you can learn what you need to accomplish that week and ask quesitons.

  • Complete 4-9 Hours of Preparation

    Every week you will have 4-9 hours of work to do on your own. Don't worry, you will know what that is.

  • Check in with Your Coach

    Once you complete all the tasks for that week, you should check in with your coach and let them know you have finished this week's work and are ready for next week.

What is the onboarding plan?


Decide KO or Traditional and Submit KO Test if needed

Decide Prepay or Proof
typically schools only

Pick a Sales Program and Customize the Products and Packages

KO Background Library Setup

Setup Packages in Software

Sign up for hhimagehost

Order flyer design or design flyer


Proof and approve your final flyer design

Order Flyers

Request class/roster data csv from organization

Find out what service or non-package items are needed for your organizations

Setup hhimagehost home page settings

Setup/verify hhimagehost price lists

Setup prepay/proof and second sale events on hhimagehost

Decide data match type

Order Camera Cards, Labels & Scanners if using barcodes


Order picture day posters and reminder notices
Complete hhschools software training
Test shoot with 10-12 subjects using data match
Submit test order to H&H Color Lab for production
Order a test of ID Cards and other Service Items
typically schools only
Train your staff on all procedures 


Review test order with H&H
Test the ID Card and other Service Items at the school
typically schools only
Setup the hhimagehost Marketing Funnel
Deliver flyers and poster, send the the event URL to the organization admin
Create the project and print data match materials
Join the hhschools users facebook group

4 Weeks to Success

Take the time now to prepare for a smooth and profitable season that results in happy schools, happy parents and growing business!

Frequently asked questions

  • Who is this class for?

    Volume schools, sports and dance photography companies who would like to send their work to H&H next season.

  • Do I have to attend the weekly calls?

    Yes. If you are not able to attend the call that week you fall behind and will have lots of questions.

  • What if I cannot commit to that much time right now?

    If you are not able to complete this workload during this time, we understand and are happy to let you defer to the next cohort for the following season. We would rather wait for when you have more time to focus on your business so your first season with H&H be pleasant and one that makes you more successful.

  • When do I get the ordering software?

    You will need to attend 2 weekly video information sessions and complete all steps in weeks 1-2 before you will be sent the free ordering software.

  • Can I complete the course sooner?

    While we would love for you to be ready sooner, this plan really does take 4 weeks to complete before you submit your first order. This plan isn’t hard, but it does take some preparation so that everything is in place when the busy season starts.

  • Do I really need to submit a test order?

    You will need to submit a full loop test (sell, photograph, match, submit, deliver) prior to your first customer order. This is the most important step in the onboarding process and locating and resolving any potential problems or missed communications before it becomes a problem for your customer.

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