Learn how to run a smooth picture day

An intense, hands-on day learning from sports photography experts how run a successful picture day side hustle.

  • Live Sports Picture Day

  • Hands on Training

  • Mini Sessions


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    • Before you go...

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  • 2

    Preparing for the Shoot

    • overview

    • Setup equipment

    • Sales Table

  • 3

    Live Picture Day

    • Individuals

    • Posing

    • Data Match

    • Teams

  • 4

    Post Shoot Workflow

    • Overview

    • Process Images and Submit to the Lab

  • 5

    Sports Mini Sessions

    • Overview

    • Setup Operations

    • Photograph to sell

    • Break outs/hands on

    • Review images

  • 6

    Next Steps

    • 1:1 Coaching

    • Attendee Feedback Survey


total school + sports program leader

Shawn Cantrell


Clay Middleton

Owner of Image 2C. He specializes in volume sports photography taking Team and Individual pictures. Image 2C develops relationships and partner with schools, youth sport leagues and parents in their community.

Photographer + Entrepreneur

Mike Curtis

Sports & Portrait photographer Mike Curtis has built his reputation on the combination of graphic and photo manipulation. Born and raised in Kansas City, Mike pursued photography swearing to separate himself from the outdated approach to sports and senior portraits. In his early years as a young boy, he collected sports cards later inspiring his vision for athletic imagery. Recent recognition from Paul C. Buff and H&H Color Lab has his career beginning to climb. To view some of his work, go to MyFieldhouseFamily.com

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