Struggling to find ways to get new sports contracts?

Give your business additional income and opportunities. Create those "wow" program images to get your foot in the door as seniors seem to beg for mom and dads compassion. And add an extra $5,000 per school you do have.

  • Confidently shoot a 15 minute session with killer poses and FX in real-time.

  • Market your new venture with confidence with an ROI of your time and energy.

  • Revitalize your business and expand market share by developing your online presence with momentum.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    INTRODUCTION: This applies to you...

  • 2

    EQUIPMENT: If you were Batman, this is your tool belt.

    • Shooting tools

    • Software

  • 3

    SHOOTING: Just you and your snappy finger

    • Your Magic Station

    • Directing Your Athletes

    • Shot List

    • Get your Shot List

  • 4

    EDITING: Edit like a sly devil

    • Download to import

    • LR Editing

    • Marketing Images

  • 5

    MARKETING: You got this thing that people NEED

    • Lowest hanging fruit

    • Upgrade to the big leagues

    • Your messaging

  • 6

    NUMBERS: It’s basic math. You WIN

    • It’s basic math. You WIN

    • Actual results

  • 7

    Next Steps...

    • Before you go...

Course Instructor

Mike Curtis Photo

Mike Curtis

Sports & Portrait photographer Mike Curtis has built his reputation on the combination of graphic and photo manipulation. Born and raised in Kansas City, Mike pursued photography swearing to separate himself from the outdated approach to sports and senior portraits. In his early years as a young boy, he collected sports cards later inspiring his vision for athletic imagery. Recent recognition from Paul C. Buff and H&H Color Lab has his career beginning to climb. To view some of his work, go to

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