(a) To qualify for the money back guarantee, you must register and attend a total education by H&H class.

(b) You have 30-days from the date of purchase to request a refund. If received on or before the 30th day, you will receive a full refund. If the request is received on or after the 31st day of purchase, no refund will be issued.

(c) To activate the money-back guarantee, the attendee must speak to a H&H Color Lab staff member first. If after this conversation the attendee still wishes to activate the money-back guarantee, they must hand in any materials provided by the class and they will be unregistered from the event, which prevents access to any of the material in the future. If this process is not adhered to then no money-back guarantee will be provided.

(d) The refund will be equivalent to the monies received from the purchaser for the seminar, minus any fees or hard costs (ie food/events). This will be returned to the purchaser within 30 working days from the conclusion of [insert class name and year].