Course Information

  • Skill Level: Beginner

    This beginner-level workshop is designed for photographers who are interested in getting started in the volume schools business or have less than 5 contracts.

  • Class Duration: 6-8 hours

    4-6 hours of individual video lessons and 2 hours worth of individual assignments

  • 4 Days

    This class is designed to be completed in 3-4 days. You can complete the video lessons and coursework at your convenience.

Learn the basics of school photography

This beginner-level workshop is designed for photographers who are interested in getting started in the volume schools business

  • Make $4,000 in a single morning.

  • Understand what is important to a school and why they need a school photographer

  • Setup a school picture day that keeps waiting time short, your photographers organized and the school happy

What am I going to learn?

  • 1

    Before Class Begins

    • Before you start...

  • 2

    The Business of School Photography

    • 01-Overview

    • 02-Opportunities in this Unique Market

    • 03-The Real Value of a School Account

    • 04-What Parents and Schools Expect

    • 05-What Schools Really Want

    • 06-Your Picture Day Program

    • 07-Scheduling and Staffing your Picture Day

    • 08-The Most Powerful Way to Add to Your Bottom Line

    • 09-How to Build a Sales Strategy that Works

    • The Business of School Photography Review

    • Business of School Photography Homework

  • 3

    Prospecting & Selling

    • 01-More Opportunities than Ever Before

    • 02-Looking for Gold

    • 03-Supercharge Your Sales Approach

  • 4

    Bids and Presentation

    • 1-First Impressions Are Important

    • 2-Request for Proposals _ Bids

    • 3-Nailing the Presentation

    • 4-Ask for the Business

    • Bids + Presentations Chapter Review

  • 5

    Where When and How to Sell to Parents

    • 01-Sell Products Parents Want

    • 02-Pros _ Cons of Prepay

    • 03-When _ Why You Might Need to Proof

    • 04-Make a Good First Impression with Flyers

    • 05-Add Online Cart to Increase Total Sales

    • 06-Make the Process Simple with Flyer + Online

    • 07- 2nd Sale

    • Selling to Parents Review

  • 6

    Prepare Your Business for Picture Day

    • 01-Why your customer needs you

    • 02-It All Starts With Student Data

    • 03-Your Workflow Advantages in hhschools

    • Prepare your business for picture day review

  • 7

    Prepare Your Camera Equipment for Picture Day

    • 01-School Photography Best Practices

    • 02-Create the Perfect JPG

    • 03-File Size Matters

    • 04-Cropping Right in Camera

    • Preparing for picture day assignment

  • 8

    Prepare hhschools for Picture Day

    • 01-Add Your Packages in hhschools

    • 02-hhschools Project Breakdown

    • 03-Cull Your Images Faster

    • 04-Fast and Consistent Cropping

    • 05-How to Setup hhschools

    • 06-Choose Your Winning Workflow

    • 07-How to Setup hhschools for your Workflow

  • 9

    Lighting and posing for school photography

    • 01-Overview

    • 02-Your School Lighting Setup

    • 03-Background and lights

    • 04-Camera, Lens and Tripod

    • 05-Good School Photography Posing

    • Posing and Lighting Chapter Review

    • Lighting and Posing Homework

  • 10

    Next Steps

    • Schools 101 Survey

    • Next Steps


Scholastic Reflections

Jeff Edwards

He has worked for a national school portrait company as the director of sales as well as consulted for other companies that were in the school photography markets on a national level. In addition to two volume senior portrait studios his business operated it’s own color lab. Jeff has worked closely with the H&H team, sharing his unique perspective and history in school and senior portraits to advise and help shape the decisions of H&H Color Lab for over a decade. Jeff has made presentations at numerous conventions including: The Professional School Photographers Association, Wedding & Portrait Photographers International, School Photographers Association of California, Various educational and training events.

H&H Color Lab

Shawn Cantrell

Shawn leads the school and sports program at H&H Color Lab. Over the last 10 years, he has been part of an amazing team that adapts best practices and systems to help established and aspiring photographers grow their business and compete with the large national companies.

H&H Color Lab

Jeff Locklear


  • Will I be able to replay afterwards?

    Yes! All registrants will have access to a replay of the lessons for six full months afterward.

  • What if I took a similar class before?

    All courses have been updated and restructured to provide the most effective and relevant information. If you need a refresher, you are welcome to take the course again. If you aren’t sure, we recommend reviewing the list of lessons covered and to watch this video.

  • Can my colleague join me?

    For our virtual courses, if you are able to gather in ONE location then, only one registration is needed to take the course. However, only the person(s) registered will be allowed access into the online group discussions and be able to participate in the homework assignments. For our in person classes in June, each attendee will need a separate registration.


100% Money Back Guarantee

Total education by H&H can transform your business, like it has for hundreds of participants. H&H GUARANTEES that, after having participated in the first day of class, you feel you haven't learned enough to grow a healthier or more successful business, simply hand in your program materials and we will send you a 100% money back refund.

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